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We connect developers of nature based solutions including social enterprises, governments and development agencies in Africa with global carbon markets. Using our networks in carbon trade and blockchain based exchange platform, we ensure integrity for every transaction.

  • Step 1


    REGID Carbon takes interest in comfort of our clients providing one stop shop solution to the buyers to assess quality of forestry carbon removal credits to support consistency and direct interaction with developers prior to the marketing and trading of the credits on the carbon exchange platform.
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    The trading platform will be developed on blockchain technology that ensures all the data relating to specific trade details have approval of all parties on the platform to ensure that the third-party risks are mitigated for every individual transactions.
Project Case Study - Carbon Exchange

Project Case Study - Carbon Exchange

REGID Carbon is co-developing a blockchain based trading platform with East Africa’s leading stock exchange company as an extension service to help developers exchange their credits directly with the buyers. This platform is connecting the global demand of credits from Europe and United States with the supply form emerging carbon markets in Africa.

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Every buyer on the platform has the opportunity to verify the quality of credits before confirmation of a transaction.
REGID Carbon exchange ensures all necessary information required for verification of the individual transactions are provided on time.

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