What We Offer

We support iNGOs, social enterprises and governments in transforming landscapes through nature based solutions. Using our carbon technology, we reduce the time and cost associated with quantifying carbon emissions reductions in environmental restoration. Our technical teams assist developers with carbon program design, methodology development, registration of credits and connection to markets.

  • Step 1


    We support forestry carbon removal project developers, governments to assess the practicality of a proposed project through initial technical analysis, thorough evaluation and reporting process.
  • Step 2


    Once a project is proven to meet the project eligibility or meets the criteria for a standard carbon project, we undertake project design through completing the project design document and consequently registration with requisite carbon standard.
  • Step 3


    We work with project developers and nature-based solutions implementation to develop a risk mitigation through the design of tailor made MRV systems for performance tracking through the crediting period of the project and beyond.
  • Step 4


    Our role also integrates leadership in technical advisory for development methodology guideline for projects and proposals at various scales that will fit a suitable MRV system for project risk assessment and reporting.

Why choose us?

Our team comprises of forest science and software engineering experts with cumulatively over 60 years experience in technology development, project design, implementation and advisory.

REGID Carbon offers simplified carbon technology solutions that utilizes low cost yet very high precision monitoring methodologies.

Nature conservation and forests preservation to contribute to climate mitigation and social capital of local communities is our mantra.

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